Thursday, November 19, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

WIP screenshots.

post @ the forums:

Concept of the game: You're an Imperial investigator, being sent to investigate rumors of subversion on a relay station at the edge of human space. You're a prototype cyborg to boot - this mission is a shake down run for the new technology.

You'll notice a combination of paid and free stuff. I tried to take art that was consistent in form and function, as well as relevant to the time period.
Shadows are disabled and settings are mostly medium while I build, I'll do a tuning pass after I get all the mobs/etc placed.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Latest project: Mechwarrior, Dark Age - Javascript game.

Life updates:
I got into Mechwarrior: Dark Age (a tabletop game).  Pretty fun stuff.
I started a new job in February or so.  It's consumed a lot of my time.
At work, periodically, I get bored.  So I found I can hit shift-F4 and bring up a javascript compiler in firefox.  Neat.

So I started building a pure text-driven game in javascript based on Mechwarrior Dark Age.
The goal is to have a browser-born version of the tabletop game, though this is still probably a year's worth of real development away from completion.  As it is, I'm sitting just under around 1500 lines of code.  I've created a functional object database, functional clicks/dials, a combat system, etc.

It's pretty exciting, when I have time to work on it.
That's the latest.  I'm going to start updating this more often. At some point, I plan on making a mech-type game in FPSC:R (now called GameGuru, rendering this blog's name obsolete.  Thanks guys!).  But that's a long way from any type of real work on it.

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Current status

As with all things, there is a season.  Currently my season is pulling me towards other projects.  Specifically lots of home things.

I play a lot of and there's a project I've been working on for a while, a 'mech simulation cockpit' AKA a mechpit.  This is, in effect, a simulation cockpit which allows for the substantial look/feel of a mech cockpit.  Currently I'm working on two aspects of this:

First - to modify my existing simulation pit, bring it up to speed, and get it upstairs.  It's been languishing in my basement for far too long.  I don't want it to be obtrusive though, so it's a fine line between full simulation pit and providing functional, good looking workspace.

Second - along those same veins, I'm making a peripheral which adds a cockpit-style series of switches (also known as a switch panel).  This is going to be for sale in the range of 65-75 dollars USD.  I'm planning a production run of 5 panels.  They will operate as a USB keyboard and configurable for most games.   Their core will be a teensyUSB, something I'm familiar enough with.

re: FPSC Reloaded.  I needed a break.  But definitely check out 1.00090 and all the changes it's brought - along with BSP's new tree/forest pack. It's positively incredible.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AFK for the holidays :)

Also waiting for 1.00090 release.    Playing mechwarrior online and WOW: Warlords of draenor isn't helping either.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Valuable Asset's TGC Store Products

Realized it's been a while since I wrote a review so it's time, once again, to put some poor bastard under the microscope.  Today's victim?  Valuable Assets.

Store link:

I get the feeling I'll be coming back to this store soon.  Valuable assets showed up on my radar about a few weeks ago and I had planned on writing a review earlier but .. he just keeps releasing new things.  It's so regular I could set a clock by it.  By the time of this writing, I'm pretty sure most of what I'll say will be outdated.  That said, there's enough inventory at this point for me to review a large swath of products.

5 packs and a total of 81 products (for now).

Apparently Valuable Assets also goes by the moniker 'teamhalo'.  Apparently under that older moniker he did a lot of art for the FPS Creator (classic) community.  Indeed, his website link from the forum points simply to:, aka Pack 48 for FPSC Classic.  Google shows me he's also a pretty decent gallery artist as well.  

VA's done a terrific job.  I really like that the textures are clear, yet gritty. They seem of high quality in terms of texture definition and the models themselves fit a very clear theme, which is nice.  Very often I find artists are putting their art all over the place, without direction.  Every single pack thus far plays well of each other pack. 

Looks like where I grew up!

What's the one item I can't live without: This is a hard one.  I really like his grunge city pieces. His trash models are interesting in that they are not decals, but ultimately redundant for my purposes, so that one is out.  The ruined buildings are useful looking, but the utility factor really sits them squarely in a FO3 style environment.  

So really it comes down to price and utility.  The best value for the dollar right now is the blood pack:

Just a fraction of the 31 blood spatters.

Sure, you could say they're all the same (they're not).  But if you have the horror pack or are planning on doing an FPS of any sort - blood is sort of going to be necessary.  There are other blood kits on the store don't compare in quality or type.  This blood looks fantastic and you get a veritable library of crime scene photos.  I really love the attention to the different types of spatter, as well as the dried blood versions.  It'll go really well with the horror kit from TGC.

Yep, that about covers it.  
Pic courtesy of

The bottom line:  I really can't find enough to say about VA.  He's given three superb free models. He's got excellent, low priced models on the store.  Definitely give him a glance or three.